Diagnostic Coding

Diagnostic Coding is yet another area where our medical coders at Pacific BPO hold expertise in. Medical diagnostic coding is the way by which medical diagnoses are converted into universal medical code numbers, and is done to help healthcare businesses (hospitals, clinics etc) in medical billing and claim reimbursements from the patient's’ medical insurance companies.

There are innumerable diseases and treatments in the field of health and medicine. Thus, medical classification is required for disease analysis, analysis of therapeutic actions, reimbursements of medical bills, surveillance of epidemic breakouts and decision support systems. The details used for medical classification or diagnostic coding are usually taken from different elements of the patients’ medical records, such as the transcription of the doctor's notes, laboratory results, radiological results, and other such sources.

Diagnostic Coding is done using ICD (International Classification of Diseases) codes. Our medical coders at Pacific Bpo use the most current ICD-9 book for doing diagnostic coding for the patients. The ICD coding is done keeping in mind the Insurance and governmental regulatory requirements and Payer-specific coding requirements. Our medical coders are certified by AAPC (American Association of Professional Coder) and work under the AHIMA rules. Besides, we also use some of the most competent and state-of-the-art coding software like - EncoderPro, Flashcode and CodeLink, to ensure correct and verifiable diagnostic coding of the patients’ health diseases.

Our Medical coders are also proficient in CPT coding or Procedural coding across various specialties. With our potent procedural and diagnostic coding, we at Pacific BPO strive to make medical billing and medical claim reimbursements a duck soup for our healthcare clients. Also, our cost-effective services aim at providing utmost satisfaction to clients.