Our Differentiation

We offer our clients a portfolio of services that reflect our expertise, experience and understanding of the business from the BPO perspective. Our deep process expertise and world-class IT skills help our clients to innovate, automate and execute their business processes at lower cost with higher quality.

Our expertise in Medical Billing and Medical Coding

Our key expertise lies in processes such as Medical Coding, Medical Transcription, Medical Billing, Insurance claim Processing, Transaction Processing, and accounting processes. We understand these processes not just from the perspective of execution, but also have a deep understanding of the way in which each of these processes works.

Our Best Practice Engine

Our knowledge and experience have been embedded in a set of frameworks, templates and best practices. This helps us reduce risk and time to implement and ensures the highest level of quality in offshore BPO engagements with our clients. This focus on quality and consciousness is reflected in our meticulous planning, disaster management, and business continuity plan. But these are only the pillars. We go beyond these standards when it comes to servicing our clients. We make sure we get better at every step and become more intelligent about what we are doing for our clients.

Strong Client Engagement Framework

We are large enough to be reliable and small enough to be agile and highly responsive. We offer our clients flexible, results-driven engagement options and work as an extended arm of our client’s business. With the ability to quickly ramp up and down teams with skilled professionals, we shorten the time to market for our clients.